Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Three Haircut to Get Different Look

Bob Haircut
Changing the haircut could actually make someone look different and also can make other people overlook. The proof, with only the sound of hair bangs are too long with a shorter model, your appearance was already a change of 90 degrees.

So by changing hairstyles, of course you can change into a 180 degree look fresher, more energetic or graceful and certainly with a new look can also generate a new spirit within us.

Bob haircut
Bored with hair long and straight? Try bob haircut! Cuts Bob could give new energy to your appearance, in which the hair model when viewed from all sides has its own peculiarities that represent the energetic soul too feminine.

Victoria Beckham is one of the socialite who since the past few years to maintain her Bob hairstyle and consequently with that haircut, he managed to "infect" models hair on women throughout the world, and not least her friend Katie Holmes,
who also changed his hair style follow wife of footballer David Beckham.

Bob haircut, can be applied into several styles. For example: Give a little gel, then rub on the front end of the hair by pulling toward the front, to get a straight taper Bob model that will create the impression of a slimmer face.

In addition, to create a sexy style, with a gradation of curly hair model at Bob, then you've got the impression sexy, elegant and glamorous.

Shag Haircut
Long Haircut with Ponytail
Modern Shag Haircut
Shag hair model thin bottom and thick at the top of the hair is able to create a fresh impression for your appearance. Meanwhile, for those who faced round, this haircut could create the impression of more gaunt face, because the thinning hair below can provide a balanced gradations in the face.

Actress Kristen Stewart are popular with curly long hair in the movie 'Twilight' is also willing to cut her long hair and switched to Shag hairstyles to give the impression of a fresh but still feminine in his appearance that tends tomboy.

Long Haircut with Ponytail
Women with long hair is synonymous with feminine and elegant impression. And we can be sure this model is the everlasting model that remains a champion for most women around the world.

In fact, so do not look monotonous with long hair let down, some women choose to give a touch that can provide a much different look, by making the bangs, or curl your hair, change hair color to become lighter or darker than the natural color of hair owned.

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