Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Benefits of Vitamin E for Beauty

Living in a tropical country, compounded by the increasing levels of pollution, without considering the aspects of protection against skin, the same as letting the skin becomes dull, dry and away from the freshness. In fact, the skin as the outer portion of the visible body organs, need extra attention, to always look fresh and radiant, and increase confidence.

The skin as an organ in the body. If not given intake 'food' is enough, it could functionally decrease.

Since closely related to the appearance, the cleanliness and health of skin needs to be maintained. But the care of the outside - like a shower twice a day, using a facial moisturizer, body scrub, body lotion and use product - just not enough.

Three Haircut to Get Different Look

Bob Haircut
Changing the haircut could actually make someone look different and also can make other people overlook. The proof, with only the sound of hair bangs are too long with a shorter model, your appearance was already a change of 90 degrees.

So by changing hairstyles, of course you can change into a 180 degree look fresher, more energetic or graceful and certainly with a new look can also generate a new spirit within us.

Bob haircut
Bored with hair long and straight? Try bob haircut! Cuts Bob could give new energy to your appearance, in which the hair model when viewed from all sides has its own peculiarities that represent the energetic soul too feminine.

Victoria Beckham is one of the socialite who since the past few years to maintain her Bob hairstyle and consequently with that haircut, he managed to "infect" models hair on women throughout the world, and not least her friend Katie Holmes,

Types of Brush for Make Up

Brush or makeup brush has a different type or different shapes. In accordance with their respective functions, brush was designed in accordance with the contour of the face to get maximum results at the time of application.

Here are some types of brushes that we often encounter when her makeup. As reported by the ehow.com, let's us know more closely the types of brushes, so the makeup will be more leverage.

Foundation brush
This brush has a brush head a bit flat. Part brush rod length, making it easier at the time of application of foundation or concealer.

Powder brush
As the name suggests, powder brush is used to apply powder on your face.

Benefits of Lemon for Your Beauty

Lemon, yellow fruit that is often made juice drinks and for cooking it turned out to be useful also for beauty. The price is affordable and easily purchased in traditional markets or supermarkets make lemon widely used for traditional care at home by women. Here are three benefits of lemon for beauty:

Brighten your nails and toes
The appearance of nails both hands and feet are often neglected. And if the nails are not cared for properly, can become a breeding germs. Additionally, if your nails look dirty and dull was able to reduce self-confidence.

In order for your nails are always clean and bright look, you can make their own concoction using lemon fruit. How: Have 1 lemon, cut in half, take the juice by way of blackmail. Mix 2 tablespoons lemon juice with 1 tablespoon lemon toothpaste in a bowl and stir until dissolved toothpaste with lemon.

After that brush nails and toes slowly. After that, let stand for 1 minute and rinse with warm water.

Protect Your Skin from Hot and Humid Temperatures

Hot or humid temperatures without us knowing it can affect the skin, especially for those who often intersect directly with the weather that is often not 'friendly' and sometimes extreme.
Hot Temperature
One of the outdoor activities is a situation where the skin becomes a "shield" to protect vital organs from exposure to extreme weather that is cold and heat.

Therefore, those that enjoy outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing, tea walk or other physical activities which directly interfere with nature, need to carefully and wisely in determining

Monday, May 30, 2011

Vitamin is an organic molecule that is necessary for the body metabolism and normal growth. Based on the solubility of vitamin that is two water-soluble vitamins, namely vitamins B, C and the fat soluble vitamins, vitamins A, D, E, K.

Basically the nature of vitamin C is a vitamin that is most easily damaged. Vitamin C is also easily oxidized and the process is accelerated by heat, light, alkali, enzyme, oxidizing, and also by copper and iron catalysts. In normal conditions of vitamin C needs of women aged 19-30 years at least 45mg / day.

Easy Things to Reduce Stress

Preparing for a lot of things, certainly capable of making you become stressed. When you are stressed about all these details, can you set aside money and took relaxation at the spa? You may need help to cope with this stress.

Here are four easy things done for you and your partner in refreshing your body.

1. Breathe deeply and lie down on the floor or a quiet place and close your eyes. Inhale deeply through your nose, let the air flow into your stomach area.

Imagine your body is filled with peace as you inhale and let your stress flow out of you when you exhale a deep breath.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Habits to Get Slim Body

Women who want a slim and sexy body. With a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy and balanced diet and to exercise regularly, could certainly keep the slender female body weight.

Actually, they can stay slim not just because of genes, but also because of their habits. Recent research shows that small changes and if without effort (as did the women of this slim) that occur every day, can make the weight down slowly and continuously. That is, do not be a yo-yo diets where quick weight down and quickly rose again. Let's see how their habits.

Glad to drink tea
Tea contains catechins, the antioxidants in tea that speeds up calorie burning. Women who consume in the highest level of body weight tended to be reduced over 14 years, than those who rarely drank tea is the highest content of catechins in green tea and white tea.

Choosing a home-based food
Try menu of Japanese cuisine kitchen, which serves many dishes from fish, vegetables, rice, soy, noodles, tea, and fruit. Everything is processed in a simple way.

The Right Ways To Brush Teeth

Brushing your teeth is one of a very good habit to keep our teeth and gums to stay healthy.

Irregular tooth brushing can cause bad breath, cavities and periodontal disease (gum disease). To avoid this, you'll want to listen to the four great way brushing your teeth.

Find out the correct way of brushing teeth
The experts revealed that the correct brushing takes at least two minutes for maximum results obtained. When cleaning the teeth there are several steps that must be followed, here's the steps.

The Right Nutrition for Different Age Level

With different body condition, of course, the nutritional needs of elderly and adult women are also not the same. It is important to know the difference, for you and your nutritional needs are met with a good pair.

Vitamins and certain minerals are very important in certain life time. Here are the essential nutrients required by women's age group.

Age groups of children and adolescents
At this age is important to consume fruits, vegetables, dairy products and protein sources. While other important special nutrients are: Calcium, all ages need calcium but it will be important during childhood and adolescence. This condition is to help keep bones strong and fast is not porous when old.

Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Contact Lens
Do your eyes feel tired and sore after working all day? Modern lifestyle causes stress on the body and our eyes among the most affected.

But certainly do not have to like this. Learn easy ways you can do for the eyes and your eyes will feel and look better in just a few days.

Check your eyes every 12 months
Untreated vision problems will grow worse, and wearing contact lenses or glasses that are no longer suitable for you can cause vision problems and headaches.

In summer, wear glasses
UV rays can create serious damage to eyes.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Maximizing The Benefits of Drugs

Consult with your doctor about prescription drugs is very important. In addition to side effects, it's good to get asked about abstinence which must be executed for drug worked well in the body.

Combining the consumption of drugs with certain foods can make the system work the drug was not optimal.

In fact, the drugs work could disappear so that the body seemed to require larger doses can be harmful to health. The key is to ask your doctor about potential drug interactions with daily menu that you consume.

Alder describes some foods that may cause negative interactions when taken with drugs, such as:

Fruit juice
Grapefruit contains a compound that prevents furanokumarin enzymes in the gut working properly. This compound is responsible for keeping foreign objects out of our body.

Say No to Smell Mouth

Beautiful but what I smell mouth? Oh ... no! At least the words that come out of the mouths of our friends when our mouth odor. Talk about bad breath or halitosis, it can be caused by many things, ranging from oral health, the influence of food and gas in the abdomen, until there is a specific disease.

However, the results showed that almost 85 to 90% of the causes of bad breath because it is caused by abnormalities in the oral cavity, both dental caries and tooth supporting tissue infections.
In people who suffer from halitosis, levels of volatile sulfur compound (VSCs) in mouth have increased. VSCs itself is a substance contained in the oral cavity.

Beware of Free Radicals

When compared with men, women are relatively less active in the outdoors. However, it does not mean women are not vulnerable to conditions that can lead to free radicals in the body. Moreover, metropolitan woman who runs a less healthy lifestyle and spend more time indoors with air, and without adequate ventilation.

Free radicals or compounds that lose electrons, can arise from metabolic processes of everyday life, excessive physical activity, and respiration (breathing). Moreover, it can also arise due to exposure to the objects around us, like from air conditioners, photocopy machines, cigarette smoke, alcohol, or foods that contain preservatives. Certainly for women office workers, the greater this risk factor, because the minimum spend 8 hours a day in the office.

If free radicals continue to accumulate, it is not possible may one day emerge as a disease. In the long term will arise various chronic diseases, such as coronary heart disease or cancer. While in the short term, immune cells will be destroyed, so that the immune system will decline.

Free radicals in the body can be neutralized by antioxidants which can be sourced from within the body, such as superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroksidane, and catalase. Or comes from outside the body, such as intake of vitamins and minerals. Classification of vitamins A, C, E, minerals Zinc, and Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and is absolutely needed by the body. The combination of vitamins and minerals can neutralize free radicals in the body so that health problems can be reduced.

The higher exposure to free radicals, it is definitely the higher the need for antioxidants in the body. If you include in it, then some things you can do to prevent this is:
Keep your diet is nutritious and healthy (rich in vitamins C, E, A, Zinc and Selenium. Always exercise regularly and according to physical ability. Rest is enough and avoid prolonged stress. (Anticipation). If necessary, take supplements of antioxidants, to meet the needs of the body per day

Working at Home. Why not?

Some of the work that is around us, there is no demand that we come to the office every day. Call it, a job as an editor, or owner from selling goods or services online, which the network benefits the Internet can make it easier to work wherever and whenever.

However, the name of work, anywhere, of course, has a tidal related to mood or emotional self, which of course if not properly, it can directly impact the job.

Thus, the need for an effective balance, so that between personal life and your work can still walk hand in hand, despite all of that took place inside the house.

In addition, you also need to familiarize themselves with the situation, where you need concentration and wisdom to prioritize between home and work affairs in the same place that is in the house.

Here are some tips telling to achieve success working from home:
If possible, prepare a special room in your home to use as your mini office. Thus, you still will have privacy in the work, and at least will keep the mood of your work, in addition to also avoid the things that can disturb you in your work complete.

Time Management to Avoid Stress

While you are busy with a job, 24 hours a day as if it was never enough. That is a sign if you are governed by time. Because, when it should be under our control, and not vice versa.

If it continues you experienced in a long time, to the extent that you can no longer distinguish when morning, noon and night, you should immediately take steps to re-regulate the rhythm of your work, so you can re-live a healthy and normal.

Spicy Foods have Health Benefits

No doubt if the presence of spicy cuisine can not be separated from the eating habits of the people of Indonesia. In addition to savory flavor and spiciness that is so popular, spicy dishes turned out to have health benefits.

Curious, what are the benefits behind the spiciness of your favorite food? Here's the explanation!

Lose weight
Spicy flavor can increase your metabolism. Studies show that the main compound in chili peppers, namely capsaicin, has a thermogenic effect that can cause the body to burn calories

Mineral Water for Healthy Consumption

Mineral water was not only function as relieving thirst. More than that mineral water or more commonly known as white water has many benefits to living beings, especially humans.

In terms of health, the body needs 70 percent of the working fluid to facilitate the organs in the body. When the availability of water in the body decreases, then it can interfere with the work function of organs, while in terms of psychological can reduce the performance itself, such as irritability, headache and decreased function of the brain.

If someone attacked by rapid dehydration and not drinking, in addition will inhibit the work of the vital organs in the body, also can make people so slow (weak brain), because the brain is the most vital organs need liquid

Long-term Relationship by Communication

Communication is a matter that should not be ignore, because small problems can become big because of misunderstanding due to communication barriers. In a relationship, whether or household affair, the communication should be paramount to maintaining harmony not only among the women and men but also the people around them. To maintain good communication in order to keep running, the following tips:

Listen to each other
A sense of ego is sometimes difficult to be muted when the communication is in progress, so that often lead to things that are not desirable, such as a misunderstanding.

Men. His Friends or His Lover?

Men are more easily revealed pouring his heart out about important issues in his life to friends rather than his lover. Problems like this sometimes causes the anger of women.

Here are several reasons cited in Dating Tips, why men do this.
Feeling uncomfortable
Most men are uncomfortable with the reaction of his lover when they express a problem.

Do not want to burden you
Generally, a man raised by his family to become an independent person.

Feet Without Odors

NOT only skin looks smooth and beautiful, the feet were very supportive appearance womanhood. As a result, women often visit beauty centers in order to get a pair of beautiful legs free of the smell of sweat or other odors.

To support the appearance, now foot care is very important to do regularly. However, you also must keep the cleanliness of both legs to be free from odors and germs that interfere with performance.

To avoid odors and germs that are very disturbing, there are several steps that need to be done every day, such as:

Use a clean sock
Wearing closed shoes in a long time can cause odor in your legs.

Honey for Skin Treatment

Many women are willing to spend time, effort, and money on beauty centers or on the operating table to always look beautiful and youthful.

But the move without the natural process is not always able to smooth out your desire to have a charming face and body.

Well for you to look beautiful naturally radiant, natural ingredients from nature can be an alternative choice.


Dry facial skin care
If you have dry skin type, you can use natural products that has many benefits,

Fruits to Avoid Dry Lips

Healthy Lips
Lips dry or chapped, there are many causes. Even can be also be caused by certain diseases. But normal without any disease which can also experience it.

One of the most common cause is lack of Vitamin C. Even so, usually not just the dry lips are the causes lack of vitamin C, but there are other symptoms such as swelling or bleeding gums and other continuously.

For dry lips is generally due to less intake of Vitamin C. Actually, we only need the intake of 50mg of vitamin C a day. 50 mg a day But sometimes do not meet up can cause dry lips and chapped. Not cool must see, if we've tried to look pretty, but it turned out dry and cracked lips.

Gothic Dress, Inspiration fo Marriage

Marriage has always been a happy moment for the bride, especially women. Choosing a wedding dress with shades of goth is not a matter of course. However, there's nothing wrong if you want to be different according to the personality. Gothic-themed dresses are now not infrequently found in some articles personality gothic wedding dress though most do not fit with everyday life.

Fashion world is always phenomenal and most fashion experts find new trends to enhance your style. It may also be a reason why fashion gothic finally mainstream. Gothic fashion is not just weird for someone 'normal', but it is very meaningful for fans of gothic that does not only mean freedom, but also sexual independence.

Gothic fashion style is a matter of individual statements that make the black color as main color. Gothic clothes tend to have characteristics that fluttering skirts, long dresses, tight jeans, black painted nails, and a variety of chains as accessories.

Choose The Best Shoes for Your Feet

You know it existed .. feet below, and that under it always sustains the above. Hence the foot so it's important to be given protection and comfort. So protect your feet with the right shoes. Here are ways or tips for choosing the right shoes for your beautiful feet.

First, decide what shoes had to be purchased and how much about the available budget. Next, choose a shoe tread as needed. For sports, tracking, working, clubbing, or for formal events.
Check your shoe size. The foot will increase the length and width increases with age. For more precise measurement stand, because the legs will widen when you stand.

Do not rely on shoe size alone. Check the shoe size that actually fit and feel the comfort of these shoes when wearing them. Shoe sizes can vary from one brand to another brand, and from one model to another.

Hair Maintenances

To maintain healthy hair is not easy because it takes precision and patience to care for her. There is an appropriate method of washing your beautiful hair. Check out some maintenance steps below.

Select and faithful on the proper shampoo. The main key of maintaining healthy hair is to choose the right shampoo and then not mutually shampoo. The right shampoo that is formulated for the type of hair or your scalp.

If you tend to dry hair types, you should use a shampoo for "Dry Hair" or shampoo with "Extra Conditioner". But if you tend to oily hair types, you should use a shampoo just for the "Oily Hair", and avoid shampoos with conditioner.

Getting Healthy and Fresh

To stay healthy and beautiful glow all day certainly is easy. Air, food and beverage and dust can affect the human skin. Temperatures can damage the skin and hair. It's hard to keep the skin healthy and fresh all day considering the daily activity. Then how do we get healthy and fresh?

For the scalp, it is better after a day of activities Wash with shampoo that contain menthol. Besides refreshing scalp, your head would be so much lighter and so more clean hair of dirt and dust. After that, use a hair tonic that according to condition your hair. For dandruff, you should use anti-dandruff shampoo.
Healthy Face

Facial Skin
Always use a facial cleanser to remove dirt that is not visible.