Thursday, November 24, 2011

Prevent Fatigue and Sleepiness While Working

Drowsiness or fatigue during office hours may often be experienced mostly office workers. This could be due to lack of sleep at night, or energy body that has not been filled. To keep that fresh all day at the office, do these six tips. 

BreakfastBreakfast with fiber-rich foods will make a person more alert. People who eat high-fiber cereal in the morning indicates the level of fatigue decreased 10 percent. In addition, they are also not easy to experience depression and cognitive skills increase. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Women More Prone to Dehydration

Dehydration reaction between men and women differently because of differences in male.

Women have a higher fat composition while men have higher muscle composition. In women, the water component was lower but also influenced by hormonal factors that are more sensitive to lack of fluids. 

If the body lacks water 0.5%, this will disrupt the heart's performance, lack of water 1% will reduce stamina, lack of water of 3% will reduce muscle endurance.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Six Things that Can Damage The Relationship

No pair of lovers who are always living in harmony. There's always an argument that continues into a fight and ultimately make the relationship broken. Here are six things that can damage the relationship.

The affair could easily damage the relationship. Not only the man who easily cheated, she did. Cheating could be due to dissatisfaction and doubts in the relationship. Whatever the reason, should not be having an affair. If you are not comfortable with the relationship should end it and move on rather than hurt the couple.

Violence here is not just include physical violence, but also emotional abuse. If the relationship has been like this, should you need to take immediate action. Many couples are still together, but one or both of them violent. Such relationships include not healthy and worth the tears that had been spent.