Monday, November 21, 2011

Six Things that Can Damage The Relationship

No pair of lovers who are always living in harmony. There's always an argument that continues into a fight and ultimately make the relationship broken. Here are six things that can damage the relationship.

The affair could easily damage the relationship. Not only the man who easily cheated, she did. Cheating could be due to dissatisfaction and doubts in the relationship. Whatever the reason, should not be having an affair. If you are not comfortable with the relationship should end it and move on rather than hurt the couple.

Violence here is not just include physical violence, but also emotional abuse. If the relationship has been like this, should you need to take immediate action. Many couples are still together, but one or both of them violent. Such relationships include not healthy and worth the tears that had been spent.

Not Honest
Dishonesty can be a problem in the relationship. People who cheated could feel the hurt and distrust arising to the spouse. No matter how small, you should tell the truth.
No Respect
Many forms of disrespect for the couple. Like when it was an appointment with your partner, you suddenly cancel or humiliate him in front of your friends. Attitudes like that can destroy a relationship. If the couple had only silence does not mean he was not upset and angry at you.
Not Support
Everyone needs support. Moreover, support from the people closest to such beloved certainly much needed. When a person feels is not supported, then he can feel uncomfortable in the relationship. Always criticize what is done every lover, this is a sign that your lover does not support.
Not spoiled and self-esteem
Indeed need each other to strengthen a relationship, but if you are the type of woman so spoiled and overly dependent relationship does not go smoothly. Men prefer women who are not independent and low self-esteem. For them this second appeal should be owned by women.

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